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Artwork for Kids

Presented here is a small selection from our range of handpainted bedroom furniture designs. Bring us your ideas. We can paint them onto your childrens beds, wardrobes or other bedroom furniture in no time at all! As each design is handpainted just for you, we are able to paint ANYTHING!  Fairies and cars, bears and jungle and even dragons! Our 'portrait' art is unbelievable, we can capture your little one's face exactly, how sweet is that? A permanent keepsake forever! We are also able to 'colour match' your existing furniture - so you can add to your collection of Chartley or even other makes - such as Dragons or A Space - nothing is impossible! A name can be added to any item of Chartley furniture. Full re-painting service ( or Part Exchange scheme) on any unwanted or outgrown CHARTLEY items.

All Chartley handpainted designs are protected as 'Registered Designs'. We always report any copying of our designs to protect our company reputation for producing the highest quality handpainted furniture and designs.

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