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Handpainted Furniture for Girls and Boys


At Chartley Bedrooms, we offer a wide range of  high quality hand painted furniture.  Vibrant colours combine wonderfully with creative designs to create truly unique furniture. Our skilled artists regularly decorate and adorn a wide variety of different items. From chairs and wardrobes to beds and drawers, we can paint your furniture in the colours and style of your choice.

When it comes to home decor, hand painted furniture works wonders. Not only does it vastly   enhance the interior design of the home, it also works to create a lovely, radiant atmosphere. Hand painted furniture can also transform an ordinary bed or wardrobe into an exceptionally elegant and stylish item. The charm that hand painted furniture exudes is difficult to replicate.

Browse through our gallery to view our current portfolio of hand painted furniture.

Quality  Handpainted Furniture at Chartley Bedrooms