• High Sleeper Cabin Bed White and Lilac with Full Artwork

The amazing Chartley Mid Sleeper Bed for little girls (or boys!). A whole bedroom in one bed. A full depth wardrobe with storage shelves at the back, 5 drawers, a pull out desk with stool, small bookshelf and the bed on top! A place for everything - no wasted storage space. Very well made and extremely heavy and solid. Painted in your choice of standard base colours and trimmed in any colour.

Artwork shown is from our 'Clemma' Range. White with pearlised lilac trim colour. Bed measures 80" long x 40" deep x 60" tall. Desk (when pulled out) needs 36". Desk can be on the right or left side, please specify when ordering. An extra set of 4 drawers can be added instead of the pull out desk - if preferred.

High Sleeper Cabin Bed White and Lilac with Full Artwork

  • Lead Time: 4-6 Weeks
  • £3,180
  • £2,624
  • or 2 easy payments of £1312

  • To order, please pay a minimum deposit of £1312

    Alternatively, you can pay the full amount of £2,624 today
  • We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm your order and discuss delivery options - NOTE: Delivery is not included in the price as many customers prefer to collect.
    If you require delivery (and assembly if applicable) fees are paid directly to the courier, NOT to Chartley.

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